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Psych Central

A wonderful shout-out to U Thrive in this article by Dan Tomasulo, PhD: "Optimal Performance in College: The New Tools."

For more on Dan Tomasulo, check out dare2behappy.com and twitter.com/tomasulo.

College Magazine

Dan and Alan's class, "The Science of Happiness," made this top 10 list of memorable NYU classes!

Great Day Washington

Dan was in the Nation's Capital sharing tips for college students with the hosts of Great Day Washington. They also published 5 Tips That Helped College Kids Succeed.

Great Day Houston

Dan stopped by the set of Great Day Houston and shared U-Thrive with the amazing Deborah Duncan.

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SA Living - News 4

Dan's second stop in Texas-- a warm Southern welcome by Shelly Miles on San Antonio Living, News 4. Catch the clip here.

Daytime at Nine - San Antonio

Dan headed south to Texas, chatting first with Kimberly Crawford on Daytime at Nine in San Antonio. See the interview here.

KCAL - CBS Los Angeles

Dan visited the KCAL studios to share U Thrive. Watch the interview.

WGN Chicago

Daniel Lerner, the author of “U-Thrive: How to Succeed in College (and Life)” shared his tips for college success with the Windy City’s own WGN Weekend Morning News. Watch the segment here.

Good Day Sacramento

Dan Lerner was on the West Coast sharing his new book, U Thrive with Good Day Sacramento. Watch the segment here!

Fox 32 Chicago, Good Day Chicago

Dan sat down with Fox 32 in Chicago’s Good Day Chicago to share U Thrive.

Watch the segment at WGNtv.com.

The Rhode Show - WPRI

Dan dropped by WPRI's The Rhode Show to talk about the challenges students face and the opportunities to succeed. Michaela Johnson led an engaging interview with Dan where he shared some tips on managing stress and anxiety.

Watch the Interview

The Psychology Podcast

Dr. Scott Barry Kaufman sat down with Dan to talk about U Thrive. Their conversation covered a wide array of topics related to well-being in the college population, including some of the pitfalls of perfectionism, how to determine your passion and keep it healthy, using character strengths to excel, and how to avoid unproductive social pressures.

Listen to the Podcast

Positive Prescription

Dan Lerner sat down with Dr. Samantha Boardman for her popular Q&A series, Sessions, to talk about his life and U Thrive.

Positive Prescription Sessions

A Formula for Well-Being

As a speaker represented by the Lavin Agency, Dan Lerner regularly provides talks about the topics and techniques he and Alan teach in their class.

Listen to one of Dan's talks, "Do what you love—what you’re truly, harmoniously passionate about—and you’ll excel in all you do."

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The Importance of (Real) Face Time

'The advice that happiness expert and NYU professor DANIEL LERNER offers in his just-released book U Thrive isn’t strictly for those embarking on their college years. “It’s for 30-year-olds, 40-year-olds, and 50-year-olds,” he told us in a recent visit to Lavin’s Toronto office. '

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Iowa Public Radio

Talk of Iowa's host, Charity Nebbe sat down with Dan to talk about his new book in a segment entitled, "Prof. Dan Lerner on the Science of Happiness: Is There a Secret Formula?".

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AM New York

AM New York reveals that Daniel Lerner and Alan Schlechter's new book, "U-Thrive: How to Succeed in College (and Life)" is the science of happiness in book form.

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Good Life Project

Dan Lerner sat down with Johnathan Fields for the Goodlife Project Podcast not just to talk about the book, but also to share some personal stories from his life.

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Unmistakable Creative Podcast

Srini Rao, the host of the Unmistakable Creative Podcast sat down with Dan Lerner to discuss the new book as well as the science of happiness.

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Unmistakable Creative Podcast

Live Bold & Bloom

Dan shares some life hacks in his article for Live Bold and Bloom, "3 Sure-Fire Ways To Power Up Your Willpower".

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Live Bold & Bloom

Sharp Brains

Daniel Lerner and Dr. Alan Schlecter team up for an article entitled, “I am excited”: Making Stress Work for You, Instead of Against You at Sharp Brains.

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Dan and Alan's article for Sharp Brains

Action for Happiness

Dan writes in his piece for Action for Happiness entitled, Mindsets: how to maximise your mental potential, how changing your mindset rests the a situation of stress.

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Action for Happiness

Vidya Sury Om for Parents, Om for College Freshers

Dan steps into a very special guest blogger role for renowned college parent blogger Vidya Sury in his piece entitled, “Tips on Achieving Balance for your College Freshman and for You as a Parent”.

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Vidya Sury

Business Insider

3 things that could be making you unhappy

Dr Alan Schlechter shares three things in your life that could be making you feel unhappy with Business Insider.

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Vidya Sury

A psychologist reveals a simple exercise that can make you happier

A quick lesson in how to make your life a little happier from Dr. Alan Schlechter.

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Alan Schlechter on Business Insider

A psychiatrist reveals a practical definition of happiness

A quick lesson in how to make your life a little happier from Dr. Alan Schlechter.

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Alan Schlechter on the definition of happiness