5 Tips for Success

From the professors responsible for NYU’s most popular non-required class, “Science of Happiness,” comes a fun, comprehensive guide to surviving and thriving in college and beyond. U Thrive is filled with real-life stories, fascinating science, and tips to start building positive habits right now:

Form Positive Relationships

Positive relationships distinguish the happiest 10% of people, predict better individual learning behavior, raise self-esteem, lower depression, reduce the effects of stressful situations, and yes…higher GPAs. And that’s just for starters.

Find a Mentor

Grads that had mentors who encouraged them to pursue goals and dreams are 110% more likely to be engaged at work. And if a grad had at least one professor who made them excited about learning? Bam — 50% more likely to be thriving in all areas of well-being. Great mentors and teachers abound. Finding them can make all the difference.

Get Enough Sleep

Students who take exams after an all-nighter have impaired concentration, poor retention of information, diminished problem-solving skills, and…well…essentially all the things that you want (and need) to kill it on that exam. A few extra winks can allow you to own your education instead of just renting it.

Eat Right

Undergrads make over 221 food decisions a day, most of them unconsciously. But you might want to get conscious about those corn flakes: in one study, of the 188 students who received an A on a test in Bio 101, 78% of them had eaten breakfast that morning.

Get Excited!

Stress doesn’t have to be your enemy. With the right mindset, stress enables you to perform and learn at your best. Researchers found that students who reframed stress as excitement averaged 65 point higher scores on their GRE exams. Does that get YOU excited?

And all of the above?
That’s right…learnable.

Engaging and often hilarious, U Thrive will help students grow into the successful, happy, proud alums they hope to be.

You can get your copy of U Thrive: How to Succeed in College (and Life) on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books a Million, Indie Bound and Apple iBooks.

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